Welcome to Wing Nutz!

Here at Wing Nutz, we understand that paradise is a really personal thing. When you find a place that brings paradise alive in different ways, for all different kinds of people, you have something pretty special. At Wing Nutz, you’ll find your own little piece of paradise. It starts with our premium, fresh, never-frozen, cage-free baked wings, and finishes with our uniquely delicious house-made sauces. We also offer many other flavorful options prepared with the same high standards. Finish your perfect meal off with a craft beer or your favorite soft drink.

At Wing Nutz, we get you, which is why we make sure your game is always on, your personalized mug is chilled and waiting, and our friendly staff is on hand ready to serve.

We know what you want from a wing place, because it’s our paradise too. Paradise is here waiting for you every day. That’s why we say, “Wing Nutz is Paradise on Wings.”
  • Cooked with 75% fewer calories
  • Always fresh ingredients
  • Over 18 house made sauce recipes
  • 6 kinds of custom-brewed beers on tap
Cooked with 75% fewer calories
Good wings should have serious flavor, not serious fat. That is why we don’t deep fry any of our food and especially not our wings. Our sauce is such an important part of your wing eating experience. Grease not only adds large amounts of calories and fat to your food, but it also changes the flavor and leaves you that disgusting, greasy feeling in your stomach.


We instead use a proprietary three-step process developed in our kitchens. The Wing Nutz cooking process produces crispy wings with moist chicken on the inside by first steaming, then baking and then crisping the chicken, eliminating the need for any extra grease. 

Always fresh, never frozen wings
 Since we pride ourselves at Wing Nutz on our high-quality food, we know that our ingredients have to be fresh and reach the highest standards. We always use cage-free, hormone-free and never-frozen chicken for our wings.


Since man can’t live on wings alone, we offer a varied menu with lots of options. All our ingredients are sourced from farmers we know and have worked with for years. Since our suppliers are part of the Wing Nutz family, we can work together to get the freshest and best ingredients to assure that every meal will be tastier and healthier than you can get at other wing places.  

Over 18 kinds of house made sauces




We are proud to offer our customers over 18 unique sauces every day and hundreds of sauce combinations. We have 18 consistent sauce offerings, as well as a monthly featured sauce and seasonal flavors. We offer classics like our popular mild, medium and hot buffalo flavors and Southern Honey BBQ, as well as crazier flavors like Mango Pom Chipotle and Apricot Teriyaki.


Our recipes were developed from scratch and use only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients. We encourage you to try mixing and matching flavors to make thousands of exciting flavor options.  

Try all our signature beers


Nothing pairs with a wings like a nice cold beer. We offer a big selection of beers, but we especially hope you’ll try our own line of signature Nut Job beers. We have five signature brews on draft year-round, plus special seasonal beers that we change up every six weeks.


With our wide selection of beers on draft and in bottles, as well as other beverage options, you are sure to find the perfect drink for every dish.








At Wing Nutz, our customers are our family. We want to treat you as such. We love to get to know our customers and hope you come back over and over with your own friends and family.


That is why we started our Mug Club rewards program. After you join our free Mug Club program, you will earn points to get discounts and free food and other prizes every time you come into Wing Nutz. After you have earned x points, you get your own personalized mug at your Wing Nutz location. It will have your name on it and be ready every time you come. Plus, beer will be cheaper for you once you have your mug! Become a part of the Wing Nutz family through our mug club.